Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little kids

   It's Ahnah. Im Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy helping out. Anyways since last tme I posted I've been working with little kids. And of course I have somethings to say.

First of all, you know those little kids that never shut up and question everything. Like after  a few minutes  I'm like PLEASEEEE KILL ME NOW!!! come on why must you question me. Gosh I feel like I can't even think because their voice is all I can hear.

Then there are those kids that think they're all that. Please I'm a ninja if anything I'm cooler. Or when even these guys are cooler then them:
And worst of all the old geezer that thinks he's a little kid at heart. I'm like sir please you're scaring me and the kids. Just get out. Just leave. I blame it on the midlife crisis. I mean why else would you trying to play tag when you can barely lift a finger without breaking it. 

Anyways let me know which kind of little kid you dislike the most or tell me a type I forgot.

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Bye for now my little kitties!!!

P.s what did you think of the picture? It made me laugh luls 


  1. You forgot the kids who are rude to everyone! They are like what 8 and already swearing and insulting you.

  2. I think it is nice that older people are young at heart just dont take it too far and make it awkward for the kids but if they have fun it is good.

  3. That picture reminds me of the cool kids at my school lmao!

  4. Show them kids this ;)

  5. @fcsnake I feel like that worst part of those kids is that you can't say what you wanna say to them without having to deal with the parents

    @anonymous1 true some are awesome others though across into creeper zone

    @anonymous2 lol very school has those people. At least you got a good laugh.

    @anonymous3 I'm not so sure what I just watched but too funny. Made me laugh

  6. Well thats true. I know that day a kid cussed someone out and they told him they would tell his parents he almost cried in fear soo theres one way to do it.
    That video made you laugh 0_0 well...thats another way to deal with the kids, laugh while this video is playing!
    Poll supposed to be closed?