Sunday, June 30, 2013


It's ahnah. This blog is basically me talking about random topics, reviewing movies and stuff.  I'm up for request and what not. 

Anyways today's post will be about greetings. 

Like why at times we say heyyyy but we aren't really that excited about seeing or talking to that person like unless that person has your favorite candy you're not that excited so why not just say hi or hey. Or for example,  when you meet your friend's parents and you're like hello Mr. ( fill in the blank) but its all awkward and then after 100 times of going over and you say hi and you still don't know what to call them because it is still awkward. Yup.

Or when you bump into a teacher at the store and you can't avoid saying hi but you know you try to play ninja. And when that fails and you have to say hello it's so awkward. It's like hi mrs and you're playing cool when inside you're waiting for an escape route.

Okay so what's your most awkwarded greeting?

       Bye for now my little kitties

P.s since this is my first post it's really short.