Monday, July 1, 2013


  Okay so I know you all have woken up or stayed up late at night and were like crazy hungry. You know you just want to pig out on food. If you're like me, you going into your kitchen and just bring all that junk food. Because you know you can't fall asleep without food.                                                        
    And  you know all that talk about losing weight and how unhealthy that is is just thrown out the window. Yup. That's me right there. And you think to yourself it's all good I'll take the stairs tomorrow.                       But you and I know it's all bs because you won't.
       I mean I'm not waking up at 2 in the morning to steal the chip and play the ninja queen for me to worry about health or weight.
    Okay so back to my point last night I was like I'm hungry so I ordered pizza and I went all out. Please  you know I got the stuff crust, cause I'm such a bada**. And I realized dudes pizza and food in general taste better late at time. It was so tasty.
           Anyways it got me think does everyone else think that so today's question is when does food taste the best to you?
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Bye for now my little kitties

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  1. At night because it's always quiet and your not being rushed! Habits!