Thursday, September 5, 2013

That awkward...

    Its Ahnah. And no I'm not dead. School just started and it feels like I'm already too busy but have no fear because superman ... Wait nope... Ahnah is here. And I'm back to update.. ( moment and you all clap and shout ).
    So today's post is about that awkward moment....
I'm sure you all have read those picture posts and have found some you can totally agree. Like for me it was that awkward moment and you trip on flat ground.. Yeah it happens way to often.
  So my idea was I would love to see some of those << that awkward moment>> that all of you can relate to. So please add the picture or quote to the comments.

So now that I asked for that I'm going to talk a little about it. Do any of you ever ask yourself who sits down and reads down all those awkward moments? Because I know I have. It's like someone is watching me in all my awkwardness and just recording it all. I swear they have one of those picture for every possible thing that could ave ever happen to someone.

Anyways I know this is short and I haven't posted in forever but I didn't want you all to think I stopped blogging. Next time it'll be a bit longer

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Until next time my little kitties!!!!


  1. Could't add the picture so theres a link...
    That awkward moment when someone expects you to know something you don't and your just like..

  2. hello !!! nice blog!
    can you follow me too