Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daniel J

     It's Ahnah. So these will be my first review and I want to do it on Daniel J. He is a singer on YouTube that does cover on different types of songs.
   So you may be asking why on him. If you are a girl you're thinking is he cute. Am I right? Yes I think so but I'm not answering if he is cute because I'm here to talk about his videos and his singing.
    I'm really into music and singing so that's why I chose to do a review on music. Daniel J can sing. He hits all the note on the stop and blow me away. He certainly has some Vocal Cords.  He also picks songs that match his voice. ( thats really important in case you don't know) Besides that fact that he can actually sing he makes his videos quite interesting often changing the setting or a color of the video from black and white to colors. It's great because I can't stay to focus if its not interesting. It's because in so awesome.
       Here is my advice to video makers: have fun making the video. Like Daniel J. It makes the video enjoyable and what you are doing so much better.
      So to Daniel J you're doing great. Keep making videos and singing you got talent.

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Bye for now my kitties!!!!


  1. You are right. He is really good.

  2. this persons reading

  3. Does she read comments?