Thursday, September 5, 2013

That awkward...

    Its Ahnah. And no I'm not dead. School just started and it feels like I'm already too busy but have no fear because superman ... Wait nope... Ahnah is here. And I'm back to update.. ( moment and you all clap and shout ).
    So today's post is about that awkward moment....
I'm sure you all have read those picture posts and have found some you can totally agree. Like for me it was that awkward moment and you trip on flat ground.. Yeah it happens way to often.
  So my idea was I would love to see some of those << that awkward moment>> that all of you can relate to. So please add the picture or quote to the comments.

So now that I asked for that I'm going to talk a little about it. Do any of you ever ask yourself who sits down and reads down all those awkward moments? Because I know I have. It's like someone is watching me in all my awkwardness and just recording it all. I swear they have one of those picture for every possible thing that could ave ever happen to someone.

Anyways I know this is short and I haven't posted in forever but I didn't want you all to think I stopped blogging. Next time it'll be a bit longer

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Until next time my little kitties!!!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little kids

   It's Ahnah. Im Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy helping out. Anyways since last tme I posted I've been working with little kids. And of course I have somethings to say.

First of all, you know those little kids that never shut up and question everything. Like after  a few minutes  I'm like PLEASEEEE KILL ME NOW!!! come on why must you question me. Gosh I feel like I can't even think because their voice is all I can hear.

Then there are those kids that think they're all that. Please I'm a ninja if anything I'm cooler. Or when even these guys are cooler then them:
And worst of all the old geezer that thinks he's a little kid at heart. I'm like sir please you're scaring me and the kids. Just get out. Just leave. I blame it on the midlife crisis. I mean why else would you trying to play tag when you can barely lift a finger without breaking it. 

Anyways let me know which kind of little kid you dislike the most or tell me a type I forgot.

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Bye for now my little kitties!!!

P.s what did you think of the picture? It made me laugh luls 

Saturday, July 20, 2013


 I just wanted to let you all know that I do read comments and I will reply at times. Also I wanna remind you that you can get emails when I update.

So just a quick thing, have you guys seen the best vine videos. I think they're so funny. They make me laugh all the time. If you haven't go run like a mad man to a commuter..wait just open another tab and check them out! Don't wait they're up for only a limited time. Just kidding they're also up but do go watch them. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Which one is your favorite vine?

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Bye for now my little kitties!!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Daniel J

     It's Ahnah. So these will be my first review and I want to do it on Daniel J. He is a singer on YouTube that does cover on different types of songs.
   So you may be asking why on him. If you are a girl you're thinking is he cute. Am I right? Yes I think so but I'm not answering if he is cute because I'm here to talk about his videos and his singing.
    I'm really into music and singing so that's why I chose to do a review on music. Daniel J can sing. He hits all the note on the stop and blow me away. He certainly has some Vocal Cords.  He also picks songs that match his voice. ( thats really important in case you don't know) Besides that fact that he can actually sing he makes his videos quite interesting often changing the setting or a color of the video from black and white to colors. It's great because I can't stay to focus if its not interesting. It's because in so awesome.
       Here is my advice to video makers: have fun making the video. Like Daniel J. It makes the video enjoyable and what you are doing so much better.
      So to Daniel J you're doing great. Keep making videos and singing you got talent.

The comment: if you have a YouTube video you would like me to see post a link in the comment area.

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Bye for now my kitties!!!!

More news

   I'm so excited to be able to say this. You ready? Well I'm hear to thank all 224 views. It means so much to me that you've visited this page. I can't believe that even people in Russia are viewing this page sooooo I want to give all my viewers a hug. *hugs*. I was so excited when I saw that.
    Anyways I have gotten two comments about tweeter and the YouTube videos so that's still undecided but don't forget to comment about it if you want it.
     As for other news you can now translate this blog. Yayyyy. Okay now that that's over back to the fun stuff.
     Don't worry I do actually have something more than news in a post called Daniel J which will be my first review/ advice.

      Bye for now my little kitties!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


      This is a quick post about RANDOM aka this blog or heyitsahnah getting a tweeter and or making a YouTube video. If you feel like I should do so please leave a comment and if you really really want me to maybe even follow me. That be awesome. Anyways don't forget to request comment and vote on the poll and follow.

     Next real post should be posted tomorrow! Just so you don't think I forgot about this blog hehe! 

      Bye for now my kitties!!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


         So a few days ago I was at a store but not just any store my favorite store and suddenly I broke out in song. Believe it or not I wasn't alone so did the people I went with. So it got me think that's pretty weird but very normal for me to do I mean I have done that before.
     Once I was at Walmart and yelled  THE MONKEYS ARE COMING!!!  Now I know what we're thinking. This girl must have been drunk well I was not. That's just lil old me being hyper. Anyways I run out and have a good laugh the kind that makes you cry. I know aren't I awesome. I know you are totally thinking this girl is a ninja queen and you're right I am.
         Wellll back to the topic I was thinking that moments like those when you do weird random crazy things out of nowhere should be called  random outburst. I know not so original but hey that's all I've got.
         So to me everyone should experience random outburst at least a couple times in their lives. Everyone has to live a little and enjoy to outbursts just for the heck of it. So here is my challenge for all of you go out and have a random outburst. 
         After you experience this or if you have already done so, come and tell me about it in the comments.
          Today's question: what is your most random random outburst?

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            Bye for now my little kittens!!!!