Thursday, July 4, 2013


         So a few days ago I was at a store but not just any store my favorite store and suddenly I broke out in song. Believe it or not I wasn't alone so did the people I went with. So it got me think that's pretty weird but very normal for me to do I mean I have done that before.
     Once I was at Walmart and yelled  THE MONKEYS ARE COMING!!!  Now I know what we're thinking. This girl must have been drunk well I was not. That's just lil old me being hyper. Anyways I run out and have a good laugh the kind that makes you cry. I know aren't I awesome. I know you are totally thinking this girl is a ninja queen and you're right I am.
         Wellll back to the topic I was thinking that moments like those when you do weird random crazy things out of nowhere should be called  random outburst. I know not so original but hey that's all I've got.
         So to me everyone should experience random outburst at least a couple times in their lives. Everyone has to live a little and enjoy to outbursts just for the heck of it. So here is my challenge for all of you go out and have a random outburst. 
         After you experience this or if you have already done so, come and tell me about it in the comments.
          Today's question: what is your most random random outburst?

            Comment request and follow.....

            Bye for now my little kittens!!!!


  1. At target when I started singing to one direction.

  2. Singing ' PINK FLUFFY UNICORNS DANCING ON RAINBOWS' while my friends try to play pool.

    Great blog by the way ^_^